I should have made a tumblr.

I made a WordPress, because I wanted to engage with people. I’ve made three or four wordpress blogs for classes before–not even particularly trying to garner engagement, just filling class requirements–and I’ve always had plenty of views and at least a comment or two. From what I can tell, however, in the mere year and a half since I last blogged, WordPress has changed. The “pro” version seems to have really taken off, judging from all of the non-profit websites I’ve been viewing for my internship running on it, and I just suppose that means no one really sees it as a place for casual blogging anymore..So no one is looking for blogs like mine.

Also, my audience is probably all wrong for wordpress. I had a feeling going in, but I though I would at least get something…But everyone my age probably uses tumblr.

I didn’t make a tumblr, because I’m just not familiar with it. Somehow, the tumblr bandwagon passed me by without me even noticing until it was too late to learn with everyone else. I might be young, but I’m already afraid of the “new” thing, of change that I don’t understand well. I’m already getting stuck in my ways. Which is so bad for someone who wants to make a career not only in technology but also in researching and discovering that next new thing–idea, community, entertainment–and sharing it with other people. So I’m afraid of tumblr, because I’ve never used it before.

Of course, the same thing was true of Twitter, before I started this internship. But I think I’m doing pretty alright on that now. I think I’m capturing the “twitter” voice, and my engagement rate for my tweets has been pretty high. But going in to it, I didn’t even know that if you start a tweet with @ it doesn’t show up to your followers and you have to do the “.@” thing…

So that was difficult too, but I learned. I don’t know why I get so nervous about things I don’t understand well. It’s literally a part of my personality–it’s also what makes me so interested in research and immersion. I just feel like people don’t have a grounds to talk about something unless they really become a part of it and make an effort to understand the perspective of those people from an experiential point of view. (Of course, this can create a high barrier for me to engage in anything, because I always feel like I don’t understand it enough yet). Also…This is the whole reason I wanted to make a blog to begin with, so that I could actual talk to members of the online LGBT community in a casual setting so that I could better inform my methods of publicizing the stories in a more formal setting.  But nobody uses wordpress anymore…

I should have made a Tumblr.


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