Nothing beats having “friends”

I think I’m working hard to advertise these weekly stories. I have a tweeting schedule that I stick to (for the most part), I have steadily worked to improve my tweets, making them more engaging and clickable, I’ve adapted a couple strategies just to try it out, like throw back Thursday video highlights (not so successful) and a Valentine’s Day themed series of tweets (going okay I think). I am only managing one of several social media outlets for IFD, and it’s definitely the least prioritized one, but I’ve had fun trying to build it up to be a little more robust…

But none of my efforts can come close to the magic of a reshare.

Upworthy suddenly picks up one story–It gains 30,000 views, the same amount it gathered its entire first week, in one day. LGBTQ Nation (bless their hearts) shares anything and the viewer count doubles and I drool with envy over their double digit retweets.The HuffPost goes live and one tweet out from them is equal to my whole week’s worth of work.

So much of it is just plain random! I worked so hard to get retweeted by various organizations and barely see a spike. Upworthy picks it up just because they feel like it and the whole game is changed. Thank god this is a nonprofit–I can’t imagine the stress of having your whole livelihood resting on this unpredictable game.

But other things are manageable–relationships are built and maintained. Like the amazing wonderful saints at LGBTQ Nation who have reliably shared these stories for years and who have such an impressive and active following. That’s a relationship, a partnership that was built over time, through networking and reliable content. That’s amazing.

I’ve been thinking for awhile of wanting to create my own “space,” of building something from the ground up to serve a community. This unpredictable reality of digital marketing reminds me both of the difficulty and the actual possibility of such a venture. Life is so often out of our control. But things that I personally cannot do, there just might be someone else who can. Making connections is literally the single most important function of human life…Or at least that’s what I kind of think. If you have connections, if you have people you can rely on, people who can push and elevate you and expose you to different avenues that you never would have found or thought of on your own, you really can accomplish so much more than you would ever expect.

Friendships, partnerships, realtionships, alliances serve to make the unpredictable dependable.


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