On the concerns of Millennial Interns: An introduction

So as it says in the about, this blog exists in part to fulfill assignment requirements from my college. But you know, beyond that I am a “media communications” or something like that major, so consider this blog my communication to you, other Internet people.

One of the “before you begin” bullet points was, “who is this blog for?”

A lot of people use this to mean fellow Bennington students, using it to connect with and share unique experiences for this brief period while we are all apart. But I thought I might do something a little more fitting to the things I study (?) and make this blog an outreach to anyone out there who might be college age, looking for an internship, facing the various crisis of our millennial generation, LGBTQ (As that is what my internship deals with…more about that in a sec), and in this way connect and extend my FWT (that’s what we call this mandatory internship period) experience, while I perform my own mandated self-reflection.

For my fellow interns/internship seekers/college students/college seekers, think of this blog as an advice portal. Hell, I’ve managed to somehow do this three times, maybe I have something to offer?? Also they let me into college for some reason maybe I know things about it?? Probably not. Oh well, we can chat anyway.

For the LGBTQ community, I am interested in hearing your voice. The things I claim I study, besides being overly big-headed and partially inane, entail something I call “Communication Spheres,” aka the communities we create, especially online, based on interests (anime or video games), commonalities and shared experiences (LGBTQ), and the like. What I want to be able to do with this kind of mindset about how connections work, is understand that all collectives are created and controlled–that they have their own rules and mutual understandings that are determined, actively and interactively, by members of the group, even if they aren’t aware they’re doing it.

Anyway, the point is this thing called “social languages,” which is used to describe how groups uniquely communicate within themselves (ie, how you can tell a person is super into Tumblr by the way they write comments), and also concepts along the lines of social psychology: Group norms and mores, how people interact, etc.

My study aims to understand these things through research and observation, and then convey them to people outside the group who have a vested interest in connecting with the members of that group. So nonprofit work, like I am currently doing, that seeks to engage diverse members of a loosely connected community, or some kind of new age advertising (sorry, using my powers for evil?? If you care to know, if I’m going to be super honest, my career goal is totally to work for SVU researching topics/communities/trends that they can dumb down and turn into one of their beautifully ridiculous episodes…Don’t judge me. <3)

Anyway, what does all this have to do with you, the members of the LGBTQ community?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I am currently working for the nonprofit org I’m From Driftwood, self-described as “The LGBTQ story archive.” In other words, I am striving to connect with members of this community. Wonderfully, IFD is already narrative focused, so I am already participating in the perpetuation of the kind of dialog I wish to craft, but I see no reason this blog can’t be a learning opportunity (as well as reflective) of its own.

Engage, if you so please, in narrative creation with me. Comments are open, you don’t even need to give an email, so please comment away! Ideally, nice little discussions can craft themselves out of the comment section (though I feel this probably doesn’t happen on WordPress very often), and perhaps I can pull out comments and incorporate them into my ongoing dialog of reflecting as an intern, creating a more rounded learning experience for myself. Of course, this is just a (very long) introductory post, so I don’t know if there’s anything much to say, so that’s okay too, I’ll try to be more interesting next week.